Minggu, 10 April 2011

Ajeng Kartika

Ajeng Kartika




This is the day of assertive Gadis SMU Telanjang and liberated individuals so it's no longer embarrassing if girls get to ask guys out. Though not all women have what it takes to be this forward, still, some men prefer such boldness. If you're dying to know if a guy is already dating someone else, then why suffer in silence?
It will be very unfair with the guy if you let him fall for you and then finding out in the end that he's not what you've been waiting for after all! Know if he's the one that you really want and then cook up something that would make him fall for you.
If you haven't been introduced yet, have enough guts to approach him and introduce yourself. The key here is to be as calm and casual as you can be. Let go of any anxiety so that you could concentrate on the conversation.

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